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Since its inception, the site, has made considerable progress. On this platform, beautiful women make their appearances and performances.

As attractive as they are reserved, they present all kinds of styles, ranging from kawaii to the most sophisticated. Under their charms we quickly forget the evils of everyday life.

Our old makeup tutorials and social phenomena that influence aesthetics are the guides on which our most recent beautiful videos and photo galleries are based. This is done while keeping its “bon chic bon genre” side. Our videos are accompanied by beautiful music, catchy and pleasant to hear.

Lovely Women Signature

Any action taken by our models is done willingly and has not been imposed on them. The details of the products used by our models are presented in the videos for those who would like to know them. Their accessories, clothes, branded dresses (Le Château etc.) make many people’s heads spin.

We sell our jewelry on eBay, not to mention the variety of literary works, written by Stéphane Carrion. Do not hesitate to contact the founder of the site. He will be happy to hear your ideas and opinions.

We wish you a good visit and a lot of pleasure. It is an experience to discover.


The beginnings of make-up go back to forgotten times. However, history likes to say that it all started with ancient Egypt where both women and men lined their lips with rouge, dipped henna with crushed carmine and intensified their gaze with kohl. Originally, kohl was used to prevent and cure eye infections. This use probably had an aesthetic effect. The trouble is that these cosmetics were usually toxic and based on heavy metals like lead. As a result, the skin ended up deteriorating and aging prematurely.

Trade with Egypt would introduce makeup to Greece and Rome. But it will not be until the 13th century that its use will be felt further north in Europe. Obviously, over time, different recipes and methods were used before obtaining all the variety that we find today and which we will use in our next makeup tutorials.

Currently, Asia, with South Korea as the leader, is the most avant-garde in terms of makeup. Moreover, some of our tutorials will refer to this region of the world.